Questions and Answers for Heating, Cooling, and Duct Work near Oregon and Madison, WI

Q. How often should I have my equipment serviced?
A. With today’s high efficiency equipment it is recommended that you have your equipment serviced once a season, to insure you that it is operating at its peak efficiency.
Q. Do you offer a maintenance program?
A. Yes we do. We can set it up where we will schedule a visit to your home/business to perform annual maintenance for your heating system in the fall before the heating season and in the spring for maintenance on your air conditioner.
Q. I have high and low return air registers which ones should be open or closed and when?
A. High and Low return air is usually located on an interior wall and have one register located at or near the floor with another register located directly above it near the ceiling. In the heating season you want the low register open so you will be drawing the cooler air off the floor, in the cooling season you want the low register closed so you will be drawing the warm air off the ceiling.
Q. Should I run a continuous fan on my furnace?
A. Running a continuous fan will help reduce temperature differences throughout a home especially in multi-level homes. You will also be moving air through your air filter/air cleaner continuously cleaning the air in your home. There may be some dollar cost for continuous air circulation but it will be a small price to pay for the added comfort.